Lower Back Pain Treatments And Self Care That Might Help Relieve Back Pain And Promote Healing


Lower back pain can interfere with your job and recreational activities. It can take weeks or months for the pain from a back injury to go away, and during that time, your doctor might recommend over-the-counter medications and rest. A better solution is to see a chiropractor right after you have a back injury, but if you don't, consider getting chiropractic care when your low back pain doesn't go away. Here are some low back pain treatments your chiropractor might give you in the office and recommend you do at home.

Office Treatments For Low Back Pain

Your chiropractor will choose treatments for your specific injury. You may need to have imaging tests done so your chiropractor can see if you have damage to muscles, tendons, or vertebrae. A spinal adjustment might be done to help move your spine back in alignment if a jolt caused a slight shift of the vertebrae.

You might also have a series of gentle passive exercises done that help increase your range of motion. If you have nerve compression, you might be positioned on a table in a way that takes the pressure off your affected nerve. The chiropractor might also use cold laser therapy to encourage cellular healing in damaged tissues.

The treatments you get are matched to your level of pain and ability, and the treatments may change as you heal. Once your back pain is gone, your chiropractor may recommend specific types of exercise so you can build muscle strength and lower your risk of a repeat injury.

Home Treatments For Low Back Pain

Your chiropractor will probably treat your condition holistically, so you'll be responsible for helping with your healing by improving your lifestyle. You may need to improve your diet, lose weight, or begin a mild exercise program to promote better health. You might learn back exercises that strengthen or stretch your back.

Your chiropractor may also recommend natural ways to deal with the pain such as soaking in a warm tub. You might be advised to use heat on your back before you engage in activity and then use ice after to help control inflammation and back pain. You may need to restrict your activities at first, but you may be advised to stay active so your muscles don't get too weak.

By following your chiropractor's instructions for home care and taking treatments in the office, you'll have the care you need for proper healing so you can work and stay active without constant pain.


5 February 2020

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