Whiplash Treatments That Might Speed Your Recovery And Help With Pain


If you were in a car accident that caused a jolt to your body, consider seeing a chiropractor even if you're not experiencing pain or other symptoms. Pain from whiplash may not be felt right away, and the sooner you begin treatment, the better your recovery will be. Your car doesn't have to be going very fast at all for you to receive a neck or back injury, and it could take you a long time to heal if you don't get proper treatment. Here are some whiplash treatments your chiropractor might recommend.

Massage Therapy

Massaging the tissues in your neck and back can improve circulation that helps with healing. Plus, massage is relaxing and that could help reduce tension in your neck that might result as a response to pain. Once healing is underway, deep massages might be given to break up adhesions in your muscles and tissues if they were injured in the accident. Breaking up scar tissue can allow you to have a fuller range of motion with less pain.

Spinal Decompression 

If the pain in your neck is caused by a disc compressing a nerve, your chiropractor might provide treatments to decompress the nerve. This might be done with spinal adjustments that move your spine back into position. The chiropractor might also position your body in such a way that your spinal cord opens up in the compressed area so pain is relieved temporarily and blood flow improves so healing can begin.

Lifestyle Advice

When your neck is in pain, it affects how you sit, move, and go about your usual activities. By restricting movement of your neck, your neck muscles can get weaker and take longer to heal. Your chiropractor will advise you on how to care for your neck and the activities and exercises you should do to promote healing and to prevent further harm.

Your chiropractor may also give you holistic lifestyle advice about smoking, drinking, and eating junk food that could slow down your healing. By eating an optimal diet and adopting a healthy lifestyle, your body might heal faster so you can recover from your whiplash and you can get back to your usual activities.

Medical Treatments

Your chiropractor may recommend medical treatments for your whiplash. These might include ultrasound therapy or cold laser therapy. These whiplash treatments send sound waves or light deep in your tissues to trigger healing. The treatments you receive depend upon your symptoms and the degree of damage to your neck or back. It will take time to heal completely from whiplash, but when you are under the care of a chiropractor, you can be sure you're receiving the treatment you need for a proper recovery.


6 February 2020

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