Did You Just Start Experiencing Lower Back Pain After Starting A New Job? 4 Tips To Work With A Chiropractor To Get Relief


Starting a new job represents a fresh start in life, and it is upsetting to discover that your new position has also led to sudden lower back pain. New pain in your back can have many different causes, and your decision to visit a chiropractor gives you an opportunity to get a professional's diagnosis of what is happening to your body. During your visit, you should expect to receive a visual exam along with other potential tests that help you find out how to increase your comfort. Knowing what to talk about and do during your visits helps you get more out of your chiropractic care.

Ask for a Posture Assessment

Your lower back pain may be related to how you hold your body as you sit, stand, and perform your job-related duties. You may also have lower back pain simply because of how you align your spine during your normal daily routine. A posture assessment helps you to see what you might be doing that contributes to your pain. If you have poor posture, the chiropractor can help you identify ways to improve it. Often, just being aware of your tendency to stoop or lean your hips the wrong way can help to improve your symptoms.

Describe Your Job Duties

You will want to mention your new job during the visit, and let it be known that you didn't have these issues until now. You may be asked to demonstrate job duties to help identify if you are holding your body in the wrong position. For instance, you may need to learn how to practice safe lifting so that your therapeutic exercises are more effective. Your doctor may also prescribe specific exercises to strengthen the parts of your body that support your spine during those movements.

Mention All Lifestyle Changes

It might not just be your job causing the pain. You may have a longer commute, and the additional sitting strains a former injury that needs further treatment in the chiropractic office. Stress can also exacerbate symptoms from former injuries. During your assessment, you should expect all aspects of your health and lifestyle to be discussed. This allows your treatment to address every possible cause of your pain.

Follow Their Treatment Plan

Finally, your chiropractic visit should end with an outline of your prescribed treatment plan. This usually includes a combination of in-office procedures such as massage therapy and at-home exercises. Make sure that you can adhere to this schedule since every office visit and exercise builds upon each other to help bring your lower back pain under control.


7 February 2020

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