Making Your Experience With Injury Rehab As Effective As Possible


Ensuring that you fully recover after a serious injury can be important for limiting the complications that the injury can create so that you can get back to living your life. While fully rehabbing from an injury can be a lengthy process, there are some tips and strategies that can be useful to almost any patient that is undergoing injury rehab.

Control The Potential For Swelling To Occur

Swelling is easily among the most common side effects for injury patients to experience. While this is a common side effect, its potential effects should not be underestimated. Intense swelling can be extremely painful for the patient, and it may even be severe enough to contribute to further damage occurring. This results from the pressure that the swelling can put on the injured tissues and joints. The use of anti-inflammatory medications can help to reduce swelling, but this is not the only step that is needed. You will also need to keep the injured area elevated as this can limit the ability of fluids to collect in this area. Also, patients should use ice packs whenever they start to experience swelling. By applying cold as soon as the swelling starts, you may limit the total amount of swelling that occurs.

Limit The Amount Of Weight The Injured Area Must Support

Over exerting the injured muscles or joint is another common source of complications for patients that are attempting to heal. Due to the nature of these injuries, it is a reality that you may feel like the injured has fully healed or is much stronger than it really is. This can lead to engaging in activities that will overly strain these tissues. During the early stages of the healing process, this may involve wearing braces or other supports. However, it will eventually transition to lifting and other activity limits before the patient has all activity restrictions lifted.

Follow Any Stretching Exercises

Individuals that are undergoing rehabilitation for a severe injury might focus a lot of their attention on the strength training that is a part of this recovery. This should not be surprising given that weakness can be one of the most common problems that individuals have with joint or muscular injuries. However, increasing strength is only one part of the rehabilitation process as patients will also want to improve their flexibility through stretching. Failing to regularly stretch throughout the recovery can lead to chronic stiffness that may limit your range of movement.


8 February 2020

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