See A Chiropractor For Help With Auto Accident Back Pain


If you are in a car accident and you feel you have injured your back, you are going to want to seek medical attention right away to make sure there isn't something serious going on with your back that could require things like immobilization, surgery, etc. Once you have had X-Rays, and possibly an MRI, then you will know what happened to your back and what courses of action the doctor recommends. These things could include taking medications like anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers, and pain killers. The doctor may also want you to go to physical therapy to help you work out the back muscles, so they support the injury. They may also suggest a chiropractor. Even if your doctor doesn't suggest going to a chiropractor, you should do it on your own. Here are some things to know about seeing a chiropractor for auto accident treatment.

Be prepared for a lengthy exam

When you go into the chiropractor for the first time after being injured form an auto accident, they are going to give you a complete exam. Bring your X-Ray and MRI results with you for them to see. Also, bring all the other info on your injuries, such as names and doses of your medications, other types of therapies or treatments, and any other information on this matter. The chiropractor will want to know all about your injuries, so they can manipulate your back in a way that helps and won't cause harm. They will also want to know what other treatments they can give you, such as e-stim, hot packs, ice packs, etc.

Go to the chiropractor regularly

When you go to the chiropractor, you will feel better after you leave because they will have worked on you to ensure proper alignment and other positive goals have been met. However, if you go to the chiropractor just once or twice, then you will eventually feel bad again and go back in. working with the chiropractor regularly can help you to completely heal faster and you will feel better while you are on the path to full recovery.


By working closely with your doctor, your therapists, and your chiropractor, you will know you are doing everything that you can to heal your injury as much as possible, so you can totally put that car accident past you. You do also want to update your lawyer with information on your chiropractic treatments, so they can include those medical expenses and the pain and suffering to your case.


11 February 2020

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