How Chiropractic Care Can Improve Healing After An Auto Accident


An auto accident can leave you feeling stiff and sore. If you have injuries to your low back because of a muscle pull, or if you are dealing with whiplash from your accident, chiropractic treatment can make a big difference. Tight muscles that have been injured in an auto accident have poor circulation, making it harder for your muscles to heal. Range of motion in your neck and shoulders can be compromised, and headaches can make it difficult to function normally. When you see a chiropractor after an auto accident, you will go through an initial consultation to determine what your specific needs are. Your chiropractor creates a treatment plan and provides you with treatment to encourage healing.

Ultrasound and Better Circulation

When you improve blood flow to your muscles and surrounding tissue, healing can occur. Your blood provides nutrients to your muscles and tissue, giving them what is necessary in order to heal. Ultrasound helps to break up scar tissue and improves circulation. If you have tight muscles, heat therapy, massage, and ultrasound can all help to improve circulation that will make it easier for you to heal.

Stretching and Range of Motion

Your chiropractor will look at your overall range of motion and look for ways to reduce pain that is limiting your motion. Stretching is important, and your chiropractor may teach you new stretches to help keep your muscles from getting too tight. As you work with a chiropractor, your range of motion will be periodically tested to make sure treatments are helping you. Auto accident chiropractor treatments are focused on reducing inflammation, improving pain, and helping you heal from your accident.

Your Chiropractic Treatment Plan

There are a number of treatment modalities your chiropractor can use to help you heal from your injuries. You will see the chiropractor several times a week in the early stages of your recovery. Your treatment plan can include spinal adjustments, massage, ultrasound, hot and cold therapy, decompression strategies, and other manual therapy to reduce inflammation and improve mobility. As you start to heal, your chiropractor may suggest fewer visits. Eventually you will start seeing your chiropractor once a month or so for maintenance sessions.

Chiropractic treatments after an auto accident can help you heal more effectively. If you are in pain after an auto accident, it's time to see how chiropractic care can help. When you work with a chiropractor, you are going to help your body heal naturally.


18 February 2020

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