Long Flight Ahead? How To Avoid Neck And Back Pain


If you travel a lot for business and/or leisure, you may suffer significant neck and/or back pain during and/or after the flight. Getting on a plane may be the last thing that you want to do because you know of the pain that you are going to experience during the flight and afterward. Maybe you have existing back or neck problems and the flight aggravates them, or maybe the pain comes from sitting for extended periods of time. Whatever the case may be, there are a few things that you can do to ensure you are a bit more comfortable and hopefully keep that pain at bay.

Stretch and Exercise Prior to the Day of the Flight

In any instance that you want to remain limber, the one thing that you can do is stretch your muscles beforehand. This is no different when it comes to flying. About one week prior to your flight, you should start partaking in a stretching and exercise routine (although this is something that you should be partaking in regularly and should consider if you aren't already). By stretching and exercising your muscles ahead of your flight, you will be less likely to have any neck or back spasms while on your flight for several hours.

Sit in Your Seat Properly

When it comes to minimizing neck and back pain, proper posture is always essential. To reduce the stress that you put on your lower back, you will want to ensure that you are sitting with your knees at 90-degree angles. You should always make sure that you have a bead-filled or foam neck pillow that will provide you the support that you need while you are taking a nap on the plane.

Walk and Move About When Permitted

A few minutes per hour, get up and walk down the aisle and back. When this is not allowed, move about in your seat. There are certain moves that you can make in your seat that will liven up your muscles a bit so they don't cramp and lock up. Look up and down, look over each shoulder, roll your head in circles, and tilt your head to each side. These movements will simply help you maintain your overall range of motion.

In the event that you continue to experience neck and/or back pain after your long flights, you should consider scheduling an appointment with a chiropractic care provider for a session to relieve the pain.


21 February 2020

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