4 Chiropractic Treatments That Can Help Your Back Pain


If you've been struggling with back pain, consider going to a chiropractor for help. There are different chiropractic treatments that can be used to treat back pain in different ways. By aligning your spine, pressure might be taken off of a nerve so you get relief from pain.

The first step of pain relief is to uncover the source of your pain; then your chiropractor might recommend one of these treatments.

1. Manual Treatments

Your chiropractor might use their hands to provide chiropractic treatments. This might involve quick thrusts in specific areas of your back, but it could involve slow, firm movements instead. In addition, your chiropractor might move a joint through a complete range of motion while applying pressure in specific ways. The force used on your body depends on the goal of the treatment and if you have underlying conditions such as osteoporosis.

2. Table Treatments

Some treatments are given with you positioned on a therapy table. When you have a chiropractic treatment, you may be on your side or back. When you use a treatment table, the table moves in specific ways as programmed by the chiropractor so your spine opens to relieve pressure on a nerve. Some tables may vibrate or change positions to help align your spine.

3. Machine Treatments

An ultrasound can help with pain by delivering sound waves that heat up your tissues and increase blood flow. Ultrasound therapy can help with pain and promote healing of injured tissues. Electrical stimulation units can be used to help with pain, too. Some of these can be used at home so you can reduce your need for pain medication.

4. Exercise And Stretching Treatments

Some back pain is caused by muscle tension or injury rather than a spine and nerve problem. Your chiropractor might recommend stretches that relax muscles and open your spine as well as strengthening exercises to help your muscles heal and get stronger so they can support your back. In addition, you might have massage therapy treatments that relieve tension in your muscles or break up scar tissue that causes pain.

In addition to these chiropractic treatments, you may be counseled on improving your posture and how to lift and sit without putting pressure on your back. If you need to work during your recovery, your chiropractor can offer advice on working ergonomically so your body is supported and not strained while you sit for long periods. The goal of chiropractic care is to help you heal, and when your muscles are strong and your back is aligned, you'll be at a lower risk of injuring your back in the future.


25 February 2020

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