Does Your Back Hurt?


If your back hurts so badly that over-the-counter pain killers aren't helping, then you might consider going to a chiropractor. If you've been to this type of doctor for another condition, you probably experienced real relief. If this is your first time going to see a chiropractor, here's what you can expect at your first visit.

When you meet with the chiropractor, you will fill out forms that pertain to your medical history. Even though you make a written note of those things, the doctor will still discuss them with you at length. For instance, they will ask you when your back started hurting, what makes it hurt the most, what has helped in the past, and if you can remember how you hurt your back. 

The doctor will perform a physical exam which includes things like an orthopedic and a spinal biomechanics diagnosis. The cause of your back pain might be determined with things like an  MRI, a CT, and/or X-rays. 

The Actual Treatment 

Once a thorough evaluation is made, a schedule of treatments will be ordered. Then chiropractic work will begin. That work will probably include the following treatments.

  • Spinal manipulation, which is a highly controlled system of moving the vertebrae in a specific way
  • Spinal decompression, which is the application of gentle movements to the spine
  • Electric stimulation, where electric currents help muscles to contract

All of those methods used together, or separately, will more than likely greatly relieve your back pain. However, there are other things that the chiropractor might suggest that you do, too.

For example, you might be given some advice to achieve better posture. Relaxation techniques might be taught along with exercises that will help your back to feel better. The chiropractor, or an assistant, might give you counsel on better nutrition and on which vitamins and supplements might help you. 

The chiropractor might also suggest that you go to a massage therapist. If you do go, don't expect a relaxing massage. Instead, methods will be used that could be painful. However, the end result will probably be that you will experience additional relief from your back pain.

At first, you will probably be asked to go for chiropractic treatments three times a week. As your back pain improves, the sessions will go to two times a week, and then to once a week. The time will come when you can go in for an adjustment only for maintenance purposes. 

For further tips and information, reach out to a local chiropractic clinic.


29 June 2020

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