Acupuncture Therapy Can Help Boost Immune System Performance


Your immune system has to fight a constant battle to keep you safe. From everyday viruses like a common cold to allergies to more complicated conditions like certain cancers, your immune system works to keep you safer and healthier. Did you know that acupuncture can work to help your body in this fight? Although this ancient medical practice is well known for its pain-reducing benefits, it can also be practiced to provide immune system support.

T-Cell Stimulation

One of the tools in your immune systems arsenal are T cells. In short, the role of the T cell is to directly target and kill host cells that are infected, which, in turn, rids the body of the infection. For people with low performing T cells that either do not perform or perform slowly, the threat of an infection running rapid in their body is increased. Acupuncture can naturally stimulate the body to produce more of these cells so that you have more fighting power against infection. Although this stimulation cannot help you avoid an infection, it can help your body rid the external element quicker.

Lung Functioning

Oxygen is a vital element in the function of your immune system. In terms of immune support, oxygen is a fueling source. The more oxygen delivered within your body, the more equipped your body is to fight off an infection. 

Certain points around the body can actually help increase the capacity within your lungs. As a result of this increased capacity, your body is able to deliver an increased amount of oxygen throughout. These points can also boost your lung performance, which can also be helpful in ridding the body of infection.

Stress Reduction

How you feel always plays a role in your immune system's performance, especially if you are stressed. Whether it is stress from work or at home, this increased tension can lower the response of nearly every function within your body, including your immune system. 

Consequently, people with high-stress levels are often more likely to get sick and stay sick longer. Acupuncture has a profound relaxation-inducing benefit that can bring about a sense of calm and peace. Over time, repeat acupuncture treatments can lower your stress levels and boost the performance of your immune system.

If you want to live a healthier life, acupuncture therapy can help you. Speak with a therapy professional who will discuss more of the benefits of this treatment. 


28 July 2020

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