Does Your Back Hurt?


If your back hurts so badly that over-the-counter pain killers aren't helping, then you might consider going to a chiropractor. If you've been to this type of doctor for another condition, you probably experienced real relief. If this is your first time going to see a chiropractor, here's what you can expect at your first visit. When you meet with the chiropractor, you will fill out forms that pertain to your medical history.

29 June 2020

Diagnosing And Managing A Slipped Disc After A Car Crash


Between the vertebrae in your spine, you have rings of squishy cartilage. Sometimes one of these rings can slip to the side or bulge out the side. This is known as a herniated disc, or slipped disc, and it's a rather common injury to have after a car crash. How do you know whether you have a slipped disc, and what should you do about it? Take a look. Diagnosing a Slipped Disc After a Car Crash

25 June 2020

Here Is What Acupuncture Can Do For You


If you've been having discomfort or pain, you may have wondered if acupuncture is something that can be helpful. Acupuncture is something that many people find helps them with their daily lives. It can treat health issues, minimize symptoms, and bring more comfort. Keep reading to learn more about what acupuncture can do for you. Minimize Stress Stress is something that many people experience, but some find that it's impossible to control on their own.

11 June 2020

Alternative Treatments To Help You With Weight Loss


If you are currently trying to lose weight or are just thinking about starting a weight loss program, you may be wondering about what you can or should do to improve your chances of losing weight and keeping it off. There are many ways you can go about losing weight, including conventional medical treatment. However, you may be looking for additional options outside of conventional medicine. Luckily, numerous alternative treatments can be used to help with weight loss.

29 May 2020

2 Natural Methods of Pain Relief for Migraines


Migraine headaches not only cause throbbing, one-sided head pain, but they can also cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and light sensitivity. Medications used in the treatment of migraine headaches can cause serious side effects such as an abnormal heart rate, difficulty breathing, and gastrointestinal problems. Because of this, you may want to consider the following natural methods of pain management.  Chiropractic Treatments A chiropractic adjustment can relieve migraine pain, as well as referred pain to the neck, upper spine, and shoulders.

27 February 2020

4 Chiropractic Treatments For Lower Back Pain


If you suffer from lower back pain, one of the best things you can do is see a chiropractor. You probably know, in general terms, that a chiropractor will adjust your spine to help alleviate your pain. But what does this really mean, and what exactly will your chiropractor do when you arrive at their office complaining of lower back pain? Here's a look. 1. Activation One of the first things your chiropractor is likely to do for lower back pain is use the activator.

26 February 2020

4 Chiropractic Treatments That Can Help Your Back Pain


If you've been struggling with back pain, consider going to a chiropractor for help. There are different chiropractic treatments that can be used to treat back pain in different ways. By aligning your spine, pressure might be taken off of a nerve so you get relief from pain. The first step of pain relief is to uncover the source of your pain; then your chiropractor might recommend one of these treatments.

25 February 2020